• Back /TO/ Back • I thought I’d share a little progress picture for I still…

• Back /TO/ Back • 💭

🌿 I thought I’d share a little progress picture for ✌🏻I still get some butterflies when I post a raw photo of my bod like this but SOD IT! 🌟

⬅️ Nearing the end of Lockdown 3
➡️ Start of Lockdown 1

🌻I do wonder what Izzie at the start of lockdown 1 would say to Izzie at the end of lockdown 3? 💭

🌿 I know that I touched on this on Sunday, but the mental aspect of weight loss is HUGE. I am finally learning to accept and actually love my body for all of it bumps, lumps & quirks! Let’s normalise these bodies!! The weight loss has certainly helped how I view myself because I feel much more confident in my body, but WHAT even is the ‘dream’ body anyway? It just YOUR own personal interpretation!

🌻 There is so much progress in the between the photos that you can’t actually see:
– I can now do burpees!
– I can (sometimes) control my binges
– I can run for over an hour WITHOUT stopping!
– I have got myself into a healthy routine!
– I still LOVE FOOD
– I have way more energy
– My mindset!

🌿 Its not been easy to keep up this lifestyle all of the time. And do you know what? That is ok. It is the best way to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It has challenged me, it has pushed me to do things that I was always worried about doing BUT I wouldn’t change any of it. Focusing on ME has been one of the best things that I have done, I have leant so much about myself.

🌻 In order to get the best outcomes you need to be in the right head space: A good attitude, Constancy, Perseverance, Determination and Enjoyment. These are a few key words that have helped me along the way. 🔑

🌿 Good luck on your journey to weight loss/ weight gain / maintenance/ self love / whatever it is, you can adapt those key words to suit you!

🌈 Have a wonderful Monday!