• Chorizo Pastaaaaa • Feeling bloated from bank holiday weekend? Completely….

• Chorizo Pastaaaaa • 🍝

‼️ Feeling bloated from bank holiday weekend? Completely.

‼️ Feeling a sense of guilt? Well, at times I did take it too far and I wish I would have stopped..

….So now should I cut all carbs out of my diet to lose the weight? Absolutely NOT.

So, should I focus on the past & beat myself up about something I can’t change? Nope, let’s move on and pick ourselves back up from where we left off!

➡️ If you’re feeling ANY guilt after the bank holiday then this is a message to you to STOP! An enjoyable time should never be regretted. We are on this planet to live our lives & make memories, not to live off a strict diet plan. Everyday is a new day, pick yourself up from where you left off & do your thing (do not lower your calories, restrict yourself or do copious amounts of exercise… it isn’t sustainable!!!) ✨

🌿 Tonight’s dinner 658 calories:
Chorizo, tinned plum tomatoes, tomato purée, rosemary, bay leaves & cheese. Seasoned with salt, pepper & turmeric and served with 2 slices of garlic bread & iceberg lettuce.