Fish Skin Spanish Tortilla – [Collaboration] Have been munching on these newly r…

Fish Skin Spanish Tortilla – [Collaboration] Have been munching on these newly released ‘What the Fish! Crispy Fish Skin’ for the past 2 days, and tried cooking with it for breakfast!! I was inspired by Jose Andres’ Potato Chip Tortilla to create a version of Spanish tortilla using What the Fish! Crispy Fish Skin. It’s thinner than the classic version so tbh its probably closer to being a (very tasty) omelet.

4 large eggs
1/4 cup thinly sliced yellow onions
1 small or 1/2 medium potato
1 30g packet of What the Fish! Fish Skin (any flavour)
Olive Oil to cook

Par-cook the potatoes by microwaving or baking or steaming (boiling might waterlog it) until it is easily pierceable. Lightly caramelize and soften the onions in some olive oil. Beat the eggs together and add into it thinly sliced par-cooked potato, the onions and a whole packet of Fish Skin. Season with salt and pepper. On medium-low heat, cook the egg mixture, stirring to form curds at the start of the cook using spatula. Either finish in the oven or do the ‘flip-method’ to cook the other side.

[Product Review] What the Fish! Fish Skins have strong, assertive flavours (Mala, Truffle and Salted Egg currently), eg the truffle one really had the distinctive truffle aroma. They are also really crunchy and stayed that way even when left in the open for hours. My only issue with these Fish Skin is that on its own they are a tad bit salty for my taste – incidentally, the Spanish Tortilla turned out perfectly seasoned because of this 😅

Thank you Mamabox for providing me with a sample of this new product. Mamabox offers a large variety of snacks, drinks, household products and many more at great prices! Stock up your wfh pantry with 😁