Fresh Abalone 2 Ways – was kind enough to send me some samples of their latest …

Fresh Abalone 2 Ways – newmoonsg was kind enough to send me some samples of their latest individually quick frozen (that means no freezer burn) shell-in fresh abalone and this made me look at abalone in a whole new light! Prepared it 2 ways: first, meuniere style which is a quick pan fry of pounded abalone in clarified butter; secondly, I sous vide the abalone in a reduction of shaoxing, soy sauce and oyster sauce (more akin to Cantonese style). Both were delicious and yielded really tender abalone with a umami-sweet flavour. Also made good use of the blanched livers of the abalone: in the first dish i folded it into oatmeal risotto and served the porridge in its shell; and in the second i pureed it together with seaweed and mayonnaise to create the most ocean-y condiment I ever tasted (the green sauce).

For those daunted by the prospect of shucking an abalone, it’s easier than it sounds – swipe right to see how even an abalone amateur like me can do it!

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