• What I Ate Today • ~ Weekend Edition ~ Breakfast: Gooey dark chocolate and…

🤍• What I Ate Today • 🤍
~ Weekend Edition ~

🍫 Breakfast: Gooey dark chocolate and raspberry baked oats. The generic recipe is in my highlights to make them super gooey, you can mix it up however you like for example, today I added a tsp of organic coca powder to enhance the chocolate taste. I also added a scoop of protein powder!

☕️ Coffee: Always a coffee in bed with 2 Biscoff biscuits to start my day – couldn’t chose between the two so obvs had to have both – dreamy! 💭

🏋🏼‍♀️ This was ed by a KILLER weighted HIT session with fitness_withhannah !

🥯 Lunch: Protein bagel with cheese, bbq chicken, cucumber & tomato. I had this with some ‘be good to yourself’ humous, carrot sticks & pepper. Obvs a Pepsi max too!

🍫 Snack: Protein bar & Coffee.

🌭 Dinner: Hotdog wholewheat spaghetti in a spicy & creamy tomato sauce. I feel like you’d either love or hate this one but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine! I had such a craving for pasta this evening!!! Served it with some Parmesan! 🧀

🍧 Pudding: No added sugar jelly with lighter than light squirty cream & sprinkles! (Might have something else if I fancy it too bcos it’s the weekend – going give my mind some trust to not binge, I’m trying to build this healthy non-binge relationship with food so it’s good to put it to practice!)

🌼 Another great food day of 0 guilt. Learning to view food as fuel rather than as ‘good/bad’ is really helping my journey & it’s helping me to remove any guilt! 🌼